There are a variety of high quality appraisals of the weight loss literature – involving strategies for mental wellbeing, physical activity and nutrition. newNRG has utilised this literature to optimize its approach to lifestyle change. Examples of the latest literature are provided below.

The Cochrane Collaboration Review by Shaw et al (2005) explored psychological interventions for weight loss and found a total of 36 studies with 3495 participants evaluated. The findings were that people who were overweight or obese benefit from psychological interventions, particularly behavioral and cognitive-behavioral strategies, to enhance weight reduction. These are predominantly useful when combined with dietary and exercise strategies. This enables a person to not only understand their over-eating, drinking and current lifestyle choices, but to also learn about resilience and be given coping strategies to manage, maintain and prevent relapse. newNRG utilizes all of these psychological interventions in a dosed fashion.

A review by Pagoto et al (2013) found that on average weight-loss mobile apps utilize only 4 out of 20 evidence-based behavioral change strategies. These 20 strategies included: weight-loss goal; dietary goal; calorie balance; physical activity goal; exercise safety; benefits of health diet and physical activity; food substitutions; food pyramid; stimulus control; portion control; lifestyle activity; target heart rate; problem solving; stress reduction; relapse prevention; negative thinking; social cues; develop regular pattern of eating; time management; and nutrition label reading. newNRG utilizes all of these 20 strategies.

A review by Conroy et al (2014) of 167 top-ranked mobile-based behavior change strategies made some interesting findings. They again found of the 20 most evidence-based strategies, few mobile apps used these. Yang et al (2015) made similar findings when appraising the literature. This further illustrates the promise of newNRG given it includes all of the mentioned strategies.


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