• Delivered confidentially newNRG is built on the strongest, most secure technologically advanced platform.
  • Truly customized to the individual. No two users experience the same journey catering for different learning styles.
  • As issues arise, newNRG is available with real time strategies to assist people, in addition to offering referral services for those with more complex needs.
  • newNRG is built on the latest scientific evidence and best practice, which is constantly updated by a team of global clinical experts to ensure that its program is engaging and simple to use.
  • newNRG simulates common psychological issues by using actors, 3D animation and strategies to help users identify, address and overcome causes for their emotional problems.
  • The program features a multifaceted holistic approach that no other product uses.
  • newNRG focuses on the root behavioral cause of overweight and obesity: THE MIND supported by nutrition and exercise.
  • The newNRG program and support is ongoing and an emotional wellness companion for life!
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