The Healthy Lifestyle Program is designed to help you focus on your emotional well-being and lifestyle. The program can also help you to lose weight and keep it off by addressing the real issues that are holding you back in life. newNRG simulates common psychological issues by using actors, 3D animation and strategies to help you identify, address and overcome causes for your emotional problems. You will also pick your own positive support network that will be there to encourage you and help you to strive towards your lifestyle changes. Your supporters will be automatically notified of your progress to further empower you on your journey.

Based on an initial l2-week program, we seek to be your wellness companion for life. As issues arise, newNRG is available with real time strategies to assist you, in addition to offering referral services for those with more complex needs. You have weekly sessions in the first 12 weeks then on-going support.

The Core Program covers topics such as: emotions, thoughts, self-esteem, goal setting, eating behavior, nutrition, movement, sleep, relationships, relaxation, and strategies to deal with your everyday issues.

newNRG can individually cater for a lifetime of needs for its users. The program becomes an in your pocket emotional coach that offers content in real time in line with your daily challenges through our sophisticated algorithms and content delivery console. Everyday we all face issues and have decisions that need to be made.

newNRG can be there to help our users make life changing choices and decisions. We want to help you to live a longer, healthier and happier life!

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Getting Started: 

You will create a secure login to you member dashboard. Here you will manage your journey with your interactive program modules supported by an array of progress chart, mood maps, tools, resources, rewards, and positive social network.  Your workbooks and digital diary are also stored in your dashboard so you can monitor your progress over time.

3-month Core Program:

  • Multiple interactive modules - motivation, goal-setting, nutrition, self-esteem, eating behavior, emotional reaction, movement, sleep, relationships and relaxation
  • Customized nutrition and meal plan
  • Rewards for achievements and completion of challenges
  • SMS reminders and encouragement
  • Self-analysis and practical strategies for dealing with a multitude of life challenges
  • Build resilience and skills to ensure long-term behavioral change and sustainable weight loss

Maintenance for Life!

On completion of the first phase of the Healthy Lifestyle program, you can then have ongoing access to monthly booster/maintenance sessions, expert webinars, resources and the newNRG community.

Through-out the program and your life journey with newNRG you can monitor your progress via your interactive mood maps, biological data, goals, lifestyle wheel and diaries on your member dashboard.

You will also have daily access to real-time strategies as and when you need them.  As a newNRG user you will have an emotional coach in your pocket anytime, anywhere for life!

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