Dave, 51

Dave_banner The newNRG program has been great for me. At first I thought, "What are you getting yourself in for?" but it got easier, helped me and now I feel like a different person. I think more about things now and eat right. I am always active at work - it is part of my job as a tradesman, so that has stayed the same. I have a hell of a lot more energy, I’m not as tired as before and I’m happier. My mind is clear, I am not as stressed and I’m spending more time with my family. I look at photos of me before with a double chin and ones of me now...I feel great. Even my mates at Motocross are asking me where I disappeared to. It feels good.  Friends and family are saying how good I look and asking what I have done. I feel less stress, just paid off my mortgage, which is a relief, and I am more positive. The program has changed me and I am happy with the results, so is my family. I would say to anyone thinking about the program, give it a go for sure, and look at me! My eating habits have changed massively, ask my wife. I used to skip I always have breakfast. In the day at work or when I went to the petrol station I used to get burgers and junk I don’t bother. I have changed my mindset. I actually like chicken, vegetables, seafood and salad now. I have broken my bad habits and I think differently. Life is good.

Dave's wife Janell

Janelle_banner He is like a different fella! It is great to see, he is more confident and happy. His eating habits are fantastic and he eats healthy now out of choice, not because he is being forced to. He has a lot more energy. He bounces in the door at the end of the day where he used to be tired with no energy. Our son has noticed a change in him.  Rather than lying there, he plays and chucks the ball around more in the pool, which is great to see. He is more positive in his thinking and outlook on life. His old mindset used to panic and he used to stress a lot. Now, he is calmer and happier. His awareness has changed and we are both eating healthy together. I have learnt how to design good meals that are high in nutrition, low in calories and taste good. We have been worried about his health and risk of more heart attacks.  His GP said he will get diabetes if a change does not happen. The whole family is being healthy together, we are doing more things together and having more fun. I have already been recommending the program to family and friends. It is not another 'one of a 1000' weight-­loss, diet and exercise programs out there.  It is all about psychology and finding out the real answers, the why. It has helped my husband and my family and I hope that it helps everyone.

Lynne, 62

Lynne_bannerThe program has helped me with everything. It has consolidated a lot of avenues that I have been down over the years in search for a remedy. I know I’m an emotional stress eater, and when things go wrong, like family problems, I used to dwell on things and binge at night. I don’t anymore and have learnt positive thinking, mindfulness and my self-­esteem has improved considerably. I am much happier, I have lost inches and feel healthier. Halfway through the program I injured my back after playing tennis and was stuck in bed having MRI scans and x-­rays. I was told that I might not be able to fly back to the UK for my mother’s birthday and Christmas. Normally I would have felt sorry for myself, would binge eat, be snappy and isolate myself - but I didn’t. I learnt from the program to be positive, think things through and wait for the test results to come before jumping to conclusions. I was careful of what I ate, practiced my mindfulness exercises and looked forward to each week of the program. The program saved me from myself going into a negative mode, instead I stayed positive and moved forward. The program was informative but concise and relevant. The facts were presented in an easy-to-understand manner and the delivery with a presenter, animation and quizzes was excellent. Certainly not boring like other programs out there. I have realized that there are no quick fixes in weight loss. I have been a victim in the past of yo-­yo diets, but the newNRG program has made me think, understand and has put everything into perspective. My friends and family have commented on the difference they have seen in me, which has improved our relationships. I feel more confident, assertive and happy. I would certainly recommend the program to others, it was a wonderful experience. I want other people to feel the benefits that I feel!

Simon, 34

Simon_bannerThe program has helped me more than I ever thought it would. I have a busy, hectic lifestyle with work and our first child being born. I know how to eat healthy and I am a decent cook, but time has always been an issue...not enough hours in the day. The program helped me to get freedom from my thoughts of foods, which were my cruxes in the past. I had a light bulb moment that linked to my subconscious and saw that I was managing my emotions with food. I have lost weight, and more importantly to me, I have stopped negative self-­talk and I have a more positive mindset. I am a nicer person to be around and I am in control of my emotions now. I got a lot from the program and I was slightly overweight, but it is a great way to prevent further weight gain. I have tried other diets before and I believe that reinforced diets that are all about eating and exercise are the enemy - they are short term fixes. I have learnt through the program that until you find the 'why' behind your eating, you can’t deal with it and overcome it. It annoys me the lies out there...finally with newNRG I have found my answers and I am confident that I can stay healthy for the long term! To everyone out there, if you want to change for the long term, try this program. It changed my life!

Rowen, 51

Rowen_bannerThe program has made a huge difference to my thinking.  I am mentally stronger and more accepting of myself now for who I am, and I am happy with that. I am more mindful about my eating. I have an awareness now that I didn’t have before the program. I have a much better understanding of he past I would dread it, isolate myself and struggle emotionally. Now I see the signs which I never really noticed before. I am an emotional eater and when upsetting things happen I can now say to myself “Don’t let the negatives affect your weight and life." The program has taught me to open up in a non-threatening way, and each session has made me really think about myself. I was able to confront uncomfortable topics and feelings in a safe way at my own pace and at a time that was convenient for me. I would say to others thinking about the program, give it a go, be open and forget about stereotyping ideas that this is just another of a 1000 programs out there. The newNRG program is coming from a completely different point of view, from left field. It is all about mindset and a journey of reshaping the way I looked at things, interpreted my thoughts and my body image. I have been struggling for 20 years with this and have tried other programs and they didn’t help. The newNRG program has worked for me and has given me a foundation, brought me balance and I have a different mindset now. I am calmer, I know what is important and I am in control!

Phoebe, 18

Phoebe_bannerFrom going through the newNRG program online and in person, I now feel more certain, know myself better and know my triggers. I am now content as myself and that I can only improve and move forward. I am in control and feel that I can deal with any situation using my coping strategies. My mindset has changed. I now realize that food is important, but I don’t need to indulge in order to feel good about myself. I eat and enjoy food now and I feel that life doesn’t revolve around food anymore. I feel that my body doesn’t distract my thinking as much anymore about how I look and my weight. I have learnt to like and accept my body. I used to think that the way I look was a hindrance, and stopped me getting acting parts and progressing with auditions - but that has changed. It is about my talent, not how I look. I have loved the program, it is clever using characters that are not perfect that I can identify with and it moves away from stereotyping perfect people and perfect bodies. It is real and I would recommend it to anyone. To me newNRG is helping Australians to better themselves and improve their mental well-­being. I am 18 and it has definitely helped me!

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