Prof. Sandra Capra PHD

Professor Capra has served three terms as President of the Dieticians Association of Australia and has been a member of the Council of Pro Vice Chancellors and Deans of Health Sciences. She has served on many national policymaking committees including the Nutrient Reference Values Steering Committee and the Dietary Guidelines Working Party of the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Professor Capra is currently serving her second four-year term as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations.

An expert on allied health in general, and nutrition and dietetics curricula and competencies in particular, Dr Capra reviews programs both in Australia and overseas. She is regularly invited to speak on the topics of educational standards, quality and competence.

Professor Capra is a Fellow and Life Member of the Dieticians Association of Australia. She has been recognised for her service to nutrition and dietetics education and research by being appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia.

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