Nicola Jayne Mccalliog CPSYCHOL, MSC, PGCE, BSC (HONS)

Nicola McCalliog is a member of the Australian Board of Psychologists, the British Psychological Society and was a member of the Board of New Zealand Psychologists. As newNRG Clinical Director and designer of the newNRG programs, Nicola is a Forensic Psychologist who has previously practiced in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. She has completed her Chartership to practice as a Psychologist in the UK and has a Masters in Applied Forensic Psychology, Postgraduate qualifications in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sport Science.

Ms McCalliog has worked as a Psychologist in the Forensic and Mental Health field for twelve years for NZ Corrections, NZ Police Bluelight Committee, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Secure Mental Health Hospital and for the National Health Service (NHS) in Research. Nicola has also been a guest lecturer on the Clinical Psychology Doctorate program at Auckland University.

Ms McCalliog has dedicated her career to a client-centred approach to helping, motivating and supporting others to make a positive and lasting change in their lives. Nicola has worked with diverse populations such as young offenders, adults, families, mental health patients and athletes. Whilst studying at University she was a personal trainer for four years. Nicola is a competitive sportswoman who has competed to national level in hockey and tennis. Nicola has experienced first-hand the need for mental resilience and motivation to overcome spinal surgery to walk again. Although this ended her ability to play in competitive sports, an active lifestyle remains a big part of her life.

Specialisations have been individual treatment interventions, programs and training. In Ms McCalliog’s role as treatment manager of cognitive skills programs, Nicola achieved 100% in several audits and a recognition award by HM Prison Service for treatment and program integrity. She has designed training that has been delivered in motivational interventions/interviewing, police working with youth, gangs, mental health, behavioural management, risk, working with young offenders and self-harm/suicide. Nicola has witnessed and been a part of positive behavioural change in her clients’ lives. Nicola wants to continue to help individuals ultimately to help themselves to achieve mental resilience and maintain their chosen life goals.

Ms McCalliog has co-ordinated newNRG’s multi-disciplinary team in developing its unique solution to weight loss and lifestyle changes.

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