Mark McCalliog

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Mark has successfully launched four startups and established the worlds largest finance and accounting recruitment company in Brisbane in 2005, becoming the firm's #1 producer in the world. Mark then established and commercialized two novel boutique recruitment companies of his own.

Nicola McCalliog

Clinical Director and Co-Founder

Nicola has dedicated her career to a client-centred approach to helping, motivating and supporting others to make a positive and lasting change in their lives. She has co-ordinated newNRG’s multi-disciplinary team in developing its unique solution to weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Gavin Keeley

Chief Information Officer

Mr Gavin Keeley is an experienced technologist and business leader with a career spanning 30 years in international consultancy and executive corporate roles at Aviva, Suncorp, Hollard Insurance. Gavin's experience spans a diverse range of industry sectors, working in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Lee Sinclair

Chief Technology Officer

Lee is a seasoned expert in software design. Specialisms are in product strategy, product management, user experience design (including interactive prototypes), Information architecture, functional design / specification, and website development. Lee had led a team of developers to build newNRG’s groundbreaking  innovative application, real-time web, mobile app and website. 

Seetha Ramnath

Chief Marketing Officer

Seetha is an experienced marketing, operations and strategy executive with 20 years of solid, international consulting and industry experience. During her career she has worked with more than a dozen Fortune companies including L’Oreal Paris, Accenture, Johnson & Johnson and Gallup across the US, Europe, and Asia.  Most recently, she has led marketing efforts for 2 mobile health startups in the Boston/New York area and in 1999 led client services for a Silicon Valley startup. She is graduate of MIT and Columbia Business School.

Board Advisors

Lim Soon Hock

Corporate Governance/Strategy

Benedict Chang Yew Teck

Corporate Governance/Strategy

Ron Richard

Business Development & OSA Strategy (USA)

Mark McEnroe

Business Development & OSA Strategy (Europe)

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