Private health fund companies typically seek to:

  • Implement strategies to increase brand loyalty, thereby retaining current members.
  • Offer innovative services to attract new members, both from competitors and first-time private healthcare buyers.
  • Reduce operating costs, including through wellness programs that reduce claims.

The additional costs arising from overweight and obese members are spiralling out of control. Health insurance companies must face these challenges head-on in order to deliver the right care for their members and reduce operating costs. We believe newNRG offers an unique solution to tackle the issue of overweight/obese members and their rising health care costs.

The newNRG proprietary process, diagnostics and programs are proven to address many of the members’ challenges, whilst also keeping the health fund’s business competitive for today and tomorrow.


Value for Money

Our suite of service offerings is the most affordable in the obesity management and prevention space today.

Engaging Your Population

Our interactive diagnostics and audio/visual programs are designed to be engaging, easy to understand, and confidential to help drive breakthrough engagement and participation among health fund members.

Expert Team

Positive outcomes start with effective behaviour change. Our experts know how to deliver real behaviour change outcomes.


We impact members' health at a fraction of the cost of offline methods and other online models - enabling health funds to scale to their entire population.

Easy to Work with

Our product is user-friendly, and may be integrated seamlessly into existing product and service offerings.

Health funds may have their own branded health-page, enabling health fund members confidential 24/7 access to newNRG. Technical support and account managers are also available for any queries, issues or proposed service improvements.

The newNRG products are all delivered through video and downloadable eBooks along with ready-made engagement solutions to present to members.

Team Expertise

Our team of advisors consists of proven experts within the obesity space, with a particular focus on health improvement through psycho-physiological behavioural change. This proprietary resource can provide health funds with unique localised research in the treatment and future prevention of this crippling epidemic.

Furthermore, the availability of the newNRG program to members highlights the health fund’s passion to serve both its members and its employees.

Evidence-based and Credible

We are built on years of behaviour science and academic research, and will continue to fund future research into this major social issue.

Cross Platform Technology

Our service offering is designed for the lifestyle of today and tomorrow and our operating platform is fully customised to synchronise with cross platform apps, iPads, tablets and the technology of tomorrow.

Evidence Based ROI

newNRG commissioned experts in the health space to validate the assumptions and research published below of how effective our service offering can be to any private health fund and its respective member population. We believe our unique service offering can justify the following benefits to the health fund business:

Improved Business Performance
  • DECREASE Operating costs and costs per member through innovation and improved efficiencies.
  • EXPAND member revenue through a cost-effective, scalable, higher-reach model—standing at the forefront of membership driven product development.

Online health coaching has been shown to:

  • Reduce claim costs by $350 per year per participant
  • Reduce average medical costs by $757 per member, per year
  • Deliver $284 annual savings in direct and indirect costs per person, per year

Ethical Compliance

We work collaboratively with health funds to support their commitment to achieving quality and ethical compliance standards and are governed by an amalgamation of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the American Psychological Association (APA).

Health funds are aware of how this overweight/obese epidemic and its co-morbidities are affecting their members and their businesses. newNRG has a set of unique, scalable, affordable and customisable solutions to fit the needs of health fund members TODAY!

We can help differentiate and transform the health fund business with scalable, integrated solutions that will not only reduce costs, but help grow revenues and increase member retention in a highly competitive landscape.


  • Grow membership with exclusive innovative offerings
  • Improve member emotional and physical health outcomes
  • Provide meaningful integration that delivers results
  • Assist more members to engage in wellness and care management programs through our unique proprietary engagement system and presentations

Membership Retention and Satisfaction

  • Improve both member and employee engagement and participation in wellness and care management programs
  • Increase brand value
  • Deliver a simple, yet highly effective, individualised experience with health outreach programs
  • Enable members to monitor their progress through our unique tracking tools and motivational competitions

Results Tracking

newNRG is designed to be able to track member’s biological, physical and behavioural changes over the long-term, through its proprietary software diagnostics and program service offering.

Membership Satisfaction

Health funds can achieve higher membership satisfaction by partnering with newNRG as is highlighted by a randomised control trial done by a leading health fund. In the trial, participants reported a 24% higher satisfaction rating with their private health care provider.

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