newNRG effectively assesses your employees' motivation, confidence and barriers to change. It delivers an achievable, structured, action plan that establishes an emotional connection, follows proven clinical and ethical guidelines, incorporates proven behaviour change models from global experts, and is uniquely tailored to each individual.

newNRG utilises proprietary diagnostics and its own unique processes, which result in measurable, quantifiable outcomes that impact the bottom line.

newNRG believes that most organisations' employees are their biggest asset. If that is the case, organisations need to be concerned about their employees' emotional and physical well-being, which impacts heavily on the organisation's bottom line.

newNRG provides organisations with an affordable, engaging way to positively influence their biggest asset. They spend a lot of time in the workplace, and the workplace has a direct influence on them and their families. By becoming a responsible citizen, not only will your organisation build goodwill, but loyalty to become an employer of choice. Organisations have a social responsibility to not let their employees' health continue to impact their bottom line.

newNRG can differentiate and transform an organisation's business with scalable, affordable, integrated solutions to fit you and your employees needs today and tomorrow. Our interactive audio/visual online health gain/weight loss programs are designed to establish an individualized emotional connection with each participant--engaging them right from the start. With newNRG, your organissation will benefit from our innovative approach to creating a culture of health, whilst helping to maximise your organisation's ROI.

Our Digital Health Coaching sessions provide the effectiveness of a multi-disciplinary team, physical, one-on-one intervention with the scalability of web content, and the outcomes to prove it. newNRG offers the newest, most affordable, engagingly interactive and confidential means of creating real behaviour change...on a large scale.

Scalability and Digital Health Coaching result in outcomes. Outcomes result in happier, healthier, more productive employees.

newNRG helps you create the right strategy for your workforce. Our customisable full-service approach aims to maximise participation through our proprietary engagement solutions, promotions, strategic recruitment and exciting competitions and rewards


Stronger Balance Sheet

Decrease costs from medical costs, absenteeism and productivity loss.


Improve your workplace culture

Increased Revenues

Improve revenue through happier, engaged, healthy employees, increased productivity, fewer sick days and inefficiencies.


Help your employees with their health and watch them climb the corporate ladder - benefiting them and you


Digital Health Coaching has been shown to:

  • Reduce average medical bills by $757 per member, per year

  • Deliver $284 annual savings in direct and indirect costs per person, per year


Motivate your employees to engage with newNRG through our proprietary engagement solutions and competition, support and reward systems.

Responsible Corporate Citizen

Be recognized as a company that cares and that people want to work for

Staff Retention and Loyalty

Enable high employee engagement through health and well-being and retain their services for years to come


Brand Value

Improve your brand value


Our range of products was built to scale across all associated issues caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices in particular from obesity, stress, self-esteem, anger, relationships, problem solving and goal setting. We focus on emotional, physical and spiritual behavioural changes required to activate healthier lifestyles and successfully overcome the above issues. We address the whole person’s unique issues. All of which will ultimately improve quality of life, quality of health and most of all… productivity, motivation, career advancement opportunities and your corporate bottom line.

Our current products and services are easy to integrate into your business. They are set up and built around our proprietary engagement process that seamlessly enables your team to engage your employees in a non-discriminatory compassionate ethical way. After all you only get one chance to deliver this or risk disengagement. That is why the presentation and on boarding strategy is written by our team of psychologists and experts in behavioural change. This will decrease the barriers to people not wanting to engage and guard against potential relapse and program participant falloffs.

Our incentive schemes and competitions help you creatively drive participation in the newNRG Program and reward healthy behaviour that impacts your bottom line all at a low cost. Increase your ROI whilst creating a unique culture of health for your entire organization.

newNRG is delivered through your own secure web-based portal that can be branded as your own internal health page. Services such as print programs, private labelling, single-sign on, data integration, data analysis and outcome tracking, behavioural audits and much more are available. Psychologically and ethically delivered engagement presentations, relapse prevention, telephonic coaching and incentive fulfillment are also provided through easy integration systems.

An exciting aspect of newNRG is its state-of-the-art online community aspect with proven goal setting and progress tracking methods that support and reinforce healthy, positive long-term behaviour changes. This has all been proven to play a key part in ongoing weight management, maintenance and relapse prevention - all of which can be customized to your company’s specific needs.

newNRG includes many capabilities to help engage and keep users engaged in the program. It enables your employees to go on to live a healthier life through regular, measurable and storable psychophysiological testing through our proprietary incentives and inbuilt healthy action points competition and reward strategy for your workforce.

Some options include:
  • Participation planning and engagement presentations and tools
  • Creation of incentive campaigns through our proprietary healthy actions system
  • Tailored promotional campaigns
  • Employee and program summary reports
  • Activity reports
  • ROI calculation from your newNRG healthy employee initiative


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